Training met Robin Doenicke

Quite unexpectedly we got a visit from Robin Doenicke in Belgium on Friday, June 12th. Robin is a working colleague of Michael Pearce and was on a holiday trip through Europe with his family. Michael put us in touch with him and we had a pleasant meeting with the entire family.

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Robin is a true cosmopolitan. As a son from a German father and an English mother, he grew up in Australia and started training in Bujinkan there. In 1996 he went to Japan with the intention of training there for a period of 6 months, up to a year. Like many others, he never left. Meanwhile he’s a resident of Japan for almost 20 years and has raised a family there.

He is now a 15th dan shihan of Bujinkan. In Japan his main teachers are Nagato sensei en Hatsumi sensei. We were lucky to greet him as a guest teacher for the evening in Oostkamp.

Despite the high temperature and humidity that day, it was a very swift and dynamic training. We only did 4 different exercises, but we went through those in great detail. The main aspect Robin tried to teach us is his focus on defense. More important than trying to find an opening in your opponent’s defense, is to put yourself in such a position that he cannot attack you. Chances for an attack will present themselves, as long as you can keep from getting hit. Apart from that we focused also on the use of the hips and spine, and not the arms, to generate power.

We had a good training, learnt a lot, and of course concluded afterwards with a small tasting of the local beers.


Elke vrijdag om 20u30 in De Valkaart, te Oostkamp

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